Guaranteed Loan Approval when Credit Rejected Elsewhere

Was an application for credit rejected due to a history of bad credit? Almost all lenders have tightened their eligibility criteria over the last couple of years in order to reduce default rates. A reluctance by mainstream financial institutions to lend money has increased the popularity of easy approval loans. Past credit problems, such as defaults and bankruptcy, are not a bar to guaranteed loan acceptance.

Make Sure You Get the Best Deal on Your Car Loan

After the car has been test-driven, the papers have all been signed and the keys are in hand, you’re likely more worried about getting your new car home and showing it off than you are about whether or not you got a good deal on your car loan. But as the excitement wears off and […]

$85 Billion AIG Bailout: Its Value in Common Sense Terms

The Federal Reserve announced Tuesday that it will offer an $85 billion emergency loan bailout to the foundering insurer American International Group (AIG), according to Yahoo news. In return for the AIG bailout, the Fed will receive a 79.9 percent equity share in the insurer. In a statement on its website dated September 16, 2008, […]